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  • 12:42:42 pm on July 7, 2013 | # | 0

    Hi, folks. Update on my kitten question/problem. I have 4 computers, plus my netbook. Two of them are running XP and have no problems.

    The laptop I am using now is an Acer, running Win7. When I bring it out of Hibernation, I get a screen showing a little picture of a kitten and under it the words “User locked”. Below that is a button “Switch User”. If I click on the kitten or on User locked the pages come up that I had when I put it on Hibernate. If I click on Switch User the kitten comes up again, with the words “logged in”.

    My other Win7 computer is a Dell. It does exactly the same except the word DELL is in the box instead of the kitten.

    This does not happen if I actually shut down and reboot, only when it has been on Hibernate.

    Damian suggested that I right-click on the desktop and choose Properties. Properties is not one of the options. I tried some of the others but no joy.

    I have not checked my netbook, which has Win7 but several years old. When I got it I did password protect it, thinking that was a good idea for a machine that would be carried around all over the world. Since then I’ve kind of changed my mind but I don’t know how to un-password it.

    Anyway, I can live with the password thing on the netbook, but I surely would like to get rid of that introductory screen on my laptops. It doesn’t serve any purpose that I can think of, and it’s an annoying extra click.


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