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    kitchie – kittens? I have a real problem with actual kittens. I think there’s a little hobo sign in my back yard: “Nice cat lady lives here”. Living in the country I get cats pretty regularly, either farm cats from down the road, or ferals, or often strays that have been dumped. That’s how I got my Katie.

    Before that was Charlie, who came one day and said “This is a nice place. I’m going to live here.” And live here he did, for 15 years. Now, my husband and my cat both thought people should have ONE cat. Charlie was Cat #2, so he was never allowed in the house. He had a nice two-room apartment in our sheds, with all the kitty amenities.

    It was difficult managing the physical and social needs of an outside cat, so I decided not to do that again. Since our local shelter has now gone to a “no-kill” policy (which unfortunately means “no-admittance”), if one rescues a cat that cat will be yours forever. There’s a waiting list, but you will wait forever and never actually get a place. Last year the shelter only took back White Cat and Orange Kitty after I took them to a vet at my expense for altering and shots and discovered that they were microchipped and had originally come from that same shelter.

    So, no more cat rescuing for me :(


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