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  • 01:05:52 pm on August 18, 2013 | # | 0

    Jayne – I don’t know how much Vit. C I was taking. I take a regular dose, in a rather high-level multivitamin. Then, flu season started and for some reason which I forget I couldn’t get a flu shot. I decided to increase my C as a precaution and possible preventative. Um, not a good idea.

    No, I didn’t get loose stools or any other symptom except abdominal pain. It came on in the middle of the night, Thanksgiving eve, when I was preparing the turkey stuffing. It was bad enough that I decided to go to the emergency room instead of waiting until morning.

    Now, my medical problems always seem to start in the middle of the night, and usually the hospital says “take this medicine and call your doctor in the morning”. Not this time. They said, “We’re admitting you and sending you upstairs”.

    Now, like I said this was the middle of the night. Hubby was sleeping when I left. The last he knew, I was on my way to the supermarket. So, he gets a phone call: “This is the hospital. We have your wife here….”


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