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    Donna, you’re not going to like what I have to say.

    Crypto Locker is a potent Malware/Virus. The instant you download it, it starts encrypting document files which can only be recovered by paying for the key provided the website is still live.
    The files it goes after are almost anything a person might put in My Documents. Doc’s, text, pdf, pictures, music, movies, spread sheets, database files, almost anything you would send someone including emails.

    It searches and encrypts files on all drives hooked to the computer so don’t even bother trying to save anything until you know the computer has been cleaned. All you will do is infect the flash drives as well.

    If you back up the computer to the cloud, unless you find out about the infection before it backs up and replaces all the files, chances are they are infected as well.

    I haven’t heard of anyone that has cracked the latest version yet.

    What the bug does is rewrites the files into the encrypted form and then deletes the original file.
    The only known way to recover the files is to hope that they haven’t been written over and do a full scan with file recovery software. So the less you use the computer the better until you get what you can off of it and the drives that were hooked to it.

    And only then do a format of the drives and start over.


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