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  • 03:42:22 pm on December 25, 2015 | # | 0

    I sent my Iphoneout to have the shutdown button replaced. I got it back withthe button working but somehow the rear camera stopped working!! Guy said send it back and he will recheck his work. What do I do if he cannot fix the camera ? He did fix the button but lost the camera!!
    Last night my DD told me she won a $400. pair of sneakers on 12/04 and paid $200.0 via PP same night last day for delivery was 12/24 and the tracking number supplied showed no activity at USPS site. She sent seller an email and got a reply like this “Whoa lady lets not leave any negative feedback sneakers we dropped off at the post office and are enroute to you. Please be patient!” Guy has no feedback as a seller and supposedly this is his first sale. I told DD to cancel her order thru ebay and notify PP for a refund. I think the guy was just trying to string her along until it was too late to get a refund! Needless to say she went out and bought the sneakers for $400.. GS feet grow like a weed ! If the sneakers are tight he plays lousy basket ball as it is painful to run!!


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