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  • 04:32:53 am on January 25, 2016 | # | 0

    Here is a new one for me ! DW booked a flight to FL last month, all day yesterday checking the Jetblue site it kept showing “on time”. Half hour before we were to leave for airport it showed “delayed” and a 1 hr later take off. Then DW gets a whole flurry of text “flight is 2 hr delay” then a few minutes later flight is “on time” but at a different airport !So now I have to race to the airport in upstate NY which I had not been to in30 years when it was a military airport! Finally find it 1/2 hr before take off. Drop DW off at the entrance and start home get 3/4 of the way home and I get a phone call her fight is 1 hr delay then I get home and get another call it is now a 2 hr delay and finally 3 hrs later they are in the air!! I have never heard of airports being switched ! What if we had left early for dinner before the flight we never would have made it to the alternate airport! How do they handle people arriving that have people waiting to pick them up at the original airport? Is this a common practice ?


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