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  • 11:23:48 am on May 27, 2016 | # | 0

    sg they give you a date for the new mri ? I can never have an mri due to the magnet in my skull. The newer implant have a removable magnet ! Minor procedure cut skin,remove magnet, get mri done, install magnet and stitch up scalp. On mine the implant would have to be removed and a new one installed on right side of skull as the cochlear has grown over the electrode cable. I read an article about how a child was just implanted he was fussing so his mom took the external hardware off and left it in the car ! You guessed it it was stolen ! Has zero value to anyone but the person it is set up for ! Any person trying to change the settings at a clinic (only place it can be done) will see alarm go off and “stolen” flash across the screen!


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