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  • 08:07:05 pm on September 17, 2016 | # | 0

    At least that worked! Got the boot order changed, but it boots to a screen that is totally unreadable! Shut down and tried again and got NOTHING .. not even a splash screen for a HUGE amount of time, then the splash. then to a totally blank screen! This is nutso!! I think this is an indication that the lappy has become a brick!!

    It has rained all day .. REALLY LIGHT but cumulatively VERY WET DAY. Hope it stops (forecast says it will) as I have the Portland run to do tomorrow …
    Yes, will wear a back brace “just in case”. Lot of stuff to pick up. None heavy with the exception of a large format photo printer with a low page count (that I got for an out of bounds cheap bid!)(better than 300 bucks LESS than what they go for on EBay!)
    Even if it is out of pigment, one monster deal.


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