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  • 12:35:40 am on September 19, 2016 | # | 0

    It was a good run .. light spritzes and damp windshield but DRY when I was doing the load up.
    Brother had a painting that IF it was 1/2″ taller would NOT have loaded .. skin of my teeth to get it to slide in . BUT IT DID!!
    That printer is going to need some SERIOUS cleaning, but it does have some pigment in all of the cartridges. Have to have help getting it in as it is WELL above my lift weight limit for now.
    For grins, I bid on and won an older Epson p-5000 “multimedia storage viewer”. Previous owner left it LOADED with several HUNDRED albums and HUNDREDS of photos .. took forever to clear it out (for some reason, you have to delete each folder of photos and there was over 100 of them.
    Neat concept .. take your photo card or your phone and plug it in and down load! Serves as a really nice “contact page” for editing .. nice piece of pro gear discovered by accident. (60g of storage!)

    BUT, the trip really tired me out! came home and took a LONG nap!


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