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  • 11:50:15 pm on September 21, 2016 | # | 0

    Had a follow up on my back surgery today. She is very pleased. I asked about lifting limits .. and she bumped it up to 20 lbs and I can increase slowly so that in 2 months it will be at about 40 lbs. DO still have some minor swelling.
    I am more than happy with the outcome thus far.

    Still have a couple of “OTHER” doctors and tests to do for the yearly visits. Bone Density tomorrow to check and see if any of my various cancers is spreading or not.

    Have a lot of energy now .. not lethargic … that has gone. Trouble is, I have been so restricted for such a long time that I don’t have the physical strength ..

    Am really doing a number on my place… re organizing and cleaning up a lot of clutter, but the legs and back get “achy” so I have to take breaks (a lot of them and a for longer periods of time.) SHOWING PROGRESS .. still will be days before I get the place back into shape.

    That large format photo printer I bought needs some work that I can NOT do and there was some damage that was NOT observable, (Bought it as is .. 30 bucks.)
    So will be taking it back to Portland (only authorized shop in the state) to get it repaired and serviced. 60 bucks plus parts is not a bad quote and then I will have a REFURBISHED printer that is worth a tad back from 500 bucks and have a grand total of 90 bucks tied up in it!
    AND I decided to take the laptop in .. They will let me know if it is REPAIRABLE .. if it is the BIOS chip, the answer will be NO .. and they will salvage what they can (mostly the HD) and I will sell it for parts.
    Still shopping and MAY still have to replace it. Will wait and see.

    BunderThumpers ..cable has been hit several times shutting off and then back on .. Video, Internet and my land line bouncing around.


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