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  • 08:36:29 pm on October 1, 2016 | # | 0

    ED, YEP!! and in really nice shape. Dropped the drive and battery in and it was off and running.
    Had an issue and it was a head AND butt scratcher! . It did not want to go to any sites .. got a “faulty certificate” message from almost every where .. then I got a message that the certificate would not be valid “UNTIL Feb 2016″ ….. hmmm
    That sent me to the bios settings and sure enough, the laptop was living in 2012! Re-set and all is well.
    Now getting caught up since the HD was virtually inactive for over a month and there have been the usual flow of updates on almost everything and I need to get that done …. but first had to make sure my GPS programs were still functional .. THEY ARE!!



    (OH & BTW … the internal optical drive on this one WORKS!!


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