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  • 11:35:44 am on October 4, 2016 | # | 0

    Ed .. have to use a standard strip .. it is Velcroed to the side of a printer cart. (being set up to use an Epson 3000 (which is absolutely HUGE!! ) .. my 1800 died and it was cheaper to buy a used 3000 than to get it fixed.)

    This move made the “laptop desk” more viable as it moved it to a more convenient location and got rid of all the “across the room” cordage! PLUS, the Epson 3000 is wireless, so LESS CORDAGE at the new location!
    The printer has to go back up to Portland, but this time to the authorized service shop to have it cleaned and serviced .. and need to have a small repair. .. but, even at that, I got a $300+ large format pigment photo printer for UNDER $100 INCLUDING the upcoming service!!

    Going to spend some time doing something new .. Just for S***S and GRINS, trying to set up a USB thumb drive to run Linux. Have it on the drive already (16GB), but need to “customize” it for MY usage.

    Oh, and discovered something about the replacement laptop … the optical is also LIGHTSCRIBE! Nice surprise!


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