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  • 03:50:17 pm on October 7, 2016 | # | 0

    FINALLY!! The clean up – reorganization of the media room is DONE (or at least as far as I want to take it!!) I have all of this ROOM TO MOVE now!!

    The station for the new(er) printer is all set up. I will take it up to Portland NEXT Friday for service. (and do an auction pick up at the same time.)

    Yea Ed!! Doctor has already told me that this is NOT going to kill me .. something else will get me before that happens .. I may be going on to Lupron, but he wants to wait a few more months as there is concern with my heart and the previous damage and surgery. Think he is going to want a stress test and another angiogram of the work that was done to determine the strength of the dosage. Meanwhile, I am going to go into the Cannabis clinic and ask some questions. (he said that he will write the prescription if I want to try that as a course of treatment … just don’t want to be taking stuff that zonks me out.) ONE DAY AT A TIME .. right now, trying to regain some stamina and strength after 9 months of limited activity because of that back problem (now gone) .. the limits are being extended! .. up to the point where I can load/unload my brother’s wheel chair into and out of the SUV .. took him on an appointment Wednesday without an issue and we also went to a Chinese buffet for lunch!


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