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  • 09:00:28 am on October 13, 2016 | # | 0

    The first “fall/winter” storm(s) have hit. VERY wet out there and windy on the coast. Today supposed to be a soaker with showers tomorrow and then the REAL storm(s) hit Saturday and Sunday.
    Have to go to Portland TOMORROW .. lucky me!! Taking the newly acquired printer up for service to the AUTHORIZED repair center .. while I am there, do a small auction pickup. Sometime next week back up to pick up the printer and MAYBE a tiny pickup .. who knows (got to win FIRST!! LOL)

    Today have to get out to the Post Office .. did not realize that I was getting low on Priority supplies!! (good sign .. selling “stuff”) and then a quick shot to the market for some stuff that I need!
    This afternoon I have a meeting with my source for Pot medicine to set that up for the next 6 months (got DOCTOR’S approval .. will see just how the stuff works as we have an accurate base line to start with.)(Doctor asked that I keep a diary .. not a problem.)


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