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  • 10:08:48 pm on October 18, 2016 | # | 0

    GOOD NEWS (for once or twice) …. Call from Portland. The printer is ready to come home! .. NOTHING MAJOR (does need one pigment cartridge NOW) Door that covers the outfeed tray was not “repairable” but, since it is really not needed .. not critical. Will McGuiver it when it gets back and see if I can fix it, otherwise, a replacement is $13.00!!
    Will go up for pick up Saturday. (and get a refund at auction house for an item “not as advertised” … GPS sold as powers on that DOES NOT POWER ON.

    Ultra Sound went smoothly .. guess nothing wrong or they would have shipped my sorry tush to the Horse Pistol. (follow up early next month).

    SNOW in the mountains .. more on the way. It is still wet but not as blustery as it was over the weekend .. the streets were a MESS Sunday when I was out with my brother.


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