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  • 05:30:10 pm on October 21, 2016 | # | 0

    Scareware Alert. There is a massive pop up circulating now that attaches itself to your browser. (it is installed by answering a browser survey for the chance at a $1,000 gift card as a reward) The next time you open your browser you get a full screen pop up (supposedly from Microsoft — Microsoft Official Support) and an AUDIO that threatens to shut your computer off if you do not call the number and get your computer “fixed” IMMEDIATELY! The only way to rid yourself of the thing is to download a FRESH install program for the appropriate browser .. then going into your program files and RE-NAMING your old browser (that naming depends on the browser and is it 32 or 64 (check the support page of the browser you are using.))
    Then shut down all running programs and go to that install program and install the fresh version … it SHOULD pick up all of your bookmarks and such as it installs a new core.


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