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  • 10:41:32 am on October 28, 2016 | # | 0

    They have been at it replacing the “should have been replaced a long time ago” fence in the yard .. this time they are using pressure treated cedar posts along with cedar planks .. and being creative. Not just a straight ahead fence, but some whimsy and out of the box construction. The lower fence should be completed today and next week they will replace the upper fence .. it needs to be higher as it is a NOISE BLOCKER as well.
    My stamina is increasing bit by bit .. day by day .. and I can now see me doing some long overdue yard work .. first thing will be the string trimmer to clean out the flower beds …. and did lose a couple of Rhodies and Azaleas with this last summers long dry spell. Will replace them this spring.
    Taking brother out to visit the girls this late AM and this PM have surgery on my scalp (local anesthetic and in and out in an hour.


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