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  • 12:24:16 pm on November 29, 2016 | # | 0

    Ed, I’ve been around, wellllll most of the time. Can’t be away more much more than a day at a time or my house will freeze.

    Put on around 500 miles last week from Tuesday until Friday driving my Mother to Doctor appointments in Bemidji, to my Brother’s place for Thanksgiving and back home again.

    I can see already Holidays are going to be a bear.

    Brother has been trying to convince her to stay with him for the winter and hasn’t been too successful.

    Wouldn’t be so bad but she’s 83, has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands and insists on using a wood stove for heat when she can’t lift much more than a very small block of wood to put in the stove.
    If a chimney fire were to start the house would burn because she couldn’t do anything to put it out and the response time for the fire department is at best 30-45 minutes.

    At best there’s only a months supply left, I wonder what’s going to happen when she runs out.

    It isn’t that she will be cold or anything, there is electric heat in the house. I think it’s more a psycho problem left over from the Depression era and the added electric bill seen as excessive.


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