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  • 11:50:13 am on December 8, 2016 | # | 0

    Ed .. VA calls ME .. no wrong number!!

    HEAVY SNOWFALL JUST STARTED! … we were supposed to just get rain here and the white stuff was to be further North .. Oh well, planed on staying in my cave anyway! At least we are not getting the 60 mph winds that they are getting in the Columbia Gorge!

    My NieceĀ  has taffy prescribed for her migraines and it appears to work for her. Dosage depends on body size and weight.
    I have quit taking it as I no longer have the need .. no more “I want to leave this planet” pain. Do not sleep as soundly, but I get sufficient sleep most of the time.
    Still awaiting the final paper work on the oil .. my source is not the most efficient when it comes to paper work .. plus the STATE is slowing things down with their lack of testing/certification labs. Oil has a much higher THC level, so it will be an experiment in dosage to find out what works without zoning me out. I will be taking it prior to bed time to insure that I am safely functional during daytime.

    There is another issue in the states where cannabis is legal and that is employment regulations ..employers are still treating it as a class 1 narcotic (which it is NOT) and you can still get FIRED if it shows up in a random drug test.


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