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  • 09:03:32 pm on January 13, 2017 | # | 0

    Medicare is slow to act on anything surgical other than something out of the emergency room. Took them 1
    1/2 months to OK my back surgery, and they waited 4 months to say NO to a corrective eye procedure .. told me to WAIT for a couple of YEARS. (I have an occlusion .. sometimes happens after lens replacement .. it is growing very slowly .. but not enough to justify surgery .. so I look through FOG until they finally give an OK.)
    MY BIGGEST GRIPE .. I need hearing aids now .. clobbered the H out of them .. good old rock ‘n roll for 30 years + and tinnitus rules my life now … I have to have 50% loss or more before they will even schedule a doctors visit. (Think I am going see if VA will step in. Worth a try, anyway.)


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