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  • 09:09:28 pm on January 14, 2017 | # | 0

    Portland loot run today .. roads were dry … but both my lot and the auction site lot were skating rinks .. Has not gone ABOVE 32 in 4 days .. looks to be one more day (with a chance of HIGH 30′s) and then a REALLY WET storm will move on shore .. raising temps, raining HARD and raising the streams and rivers.
    Getting out tomorrow with bro before we get socked in again. He got a used power chair for his daughter .. MUCH more sturdy than the one she has now … which is looking several c notes worth of upkeep and repairs. I will get it set up for her by swapping out the arms .. have to move the controls to the left hand. This thing BOOKS …. almost as sturdy as bros chair … in really nice shape.


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