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  • 10:34:43 pm on January 15, 2017 | # | 0

    STILL COLDER THAN A WELL DIGGER’S ***!!!! BUT, it IS slightly warming up .. BAROMETER FALLING .. think they were right about rain on the way!
    Got out with bro for a while. Did brunch and a visit to his daughter. He is having someone come in and work on her new chair and tweak it as close to new as possible so, did NO work in it myself.

    Bought another laptop just for parts .. turns out the only thing wrong with it was an on again off again BATTERY. (and NO HD .. knew that) Did have to dive under the hood (in Linux) to get the WiFi card to run. Been a LOOOOOONG time since I have had to open terminal and type in a bunch of commands to firmware the card…. DONE!!

    So, I now have a Windows lappy and a “back up” for it AAAAANNNNDDD an up-to-date Ubuntu Linux lappy to mess around with!


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