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  • 02:04:23 pm on March 29, 2017 | # | 0

    OK .. went to the cardiologist .. sitting in the waiting room .. I collapse! Conscious all the time … into the horsepistol again (Thursday early PM) BATTERY AFTER BATTERY OF TESTS!! .. Resulting on the installation of added hardware to my bod!! Now proud owner of a combo pacemaker.

    Got home yesterday evening … GREAT nite’s sleep .. longest UN-interuppted stretch in MONTHS. A tad woozy at times right now, but just took some of the new meds, so sitting and doing and lining up the long list of Doctor’s visits that I have to do this next 30 days or so.

    Lots of changes to meds so I have to get used to them and along with the ticker fixer. Will see if I have the same reactions or will I have to chart some new symptoms?

    Caridio Doctor has my SUV locked in his private parking garage, should pick it up and be able to drive after my follow-up visit.


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