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  • 09:41:42 pm on March 30, 2017 | # | 0

    Soundgod, at least they found the problem before it was fatal.

    Ed, It’s gets better. I think he now has a boobie.

    My Dad had one of those monitors. All that he needed to do was walk past it and any adverse information was transmitted.

    The State changed their age rules for permits so in November 2015 I talked him into going Deer Hunting by his house.
    On Friday the 13th he got himself a deer, went over got the neighbor and while walking out to retrieve the deer he passed out for a couple seconds.
    He was thinking that he had just over-paced it a tad bit.
    The following Tuesday I had to drive him down for a routine appointment at the Minneapolis VA.
    While we were at the VA the monitoring service called my Mother asking to talk to my Dad because he had suffered a heart attack.
    My Mother told them where to find him and needless to say, we were detained 3 more hours for more tests and the Doctors told him that he shouldn’t expect to survive another one that bad.

    That day came 3/14/16. RIP Angelo, aka “HoneyDear”

    And before anyone asks, that is on the Head Stone.


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