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  • 07:49:16 pm on April 5, 2017 | # | 0

    Had lunch at Round Robbin with Bro and his ladies. Felt good to get out … tho PREDICTED, NO RAIN!! As to lunch, even tho the food was above the level of good…..HORRIBLE service! Not the wait staff’s fault as the problem was NOT ENOUGH WAIT STAFF to cover a HUGE area with a SRO lunch crowd!

    Visit to my “family” doctor tomorrow and I have to have labs done for a visit to the urologist next week to see how the cancer is doing.

    I was fortunate that when I took over my folks finances, the INCOME was fixed from their sources and was BELOW the need to file with the IRS or the State. My direct responsibility was to cover the bills. Hate to think what would have happened had I not come here to help, as mom was the great American Princess and did not drive nor had she ever written a check. Some came out of MY pocket, which was OK as since I was under their roof, paying my share of the household costs was normal.
    Mom never actually adapted nor accepted the arrangement completely as she always was a control freak .. then the Macular Degeneration set in compounded with dementia. Their “golden years’ were not all that golden, but I tried to help.


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