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  • 06:22:04 pm on June 7, 2017 | # | 0

    Ed, as my Urologist said, don’t worry about it .. “you are going to drop dead from something else before that Prostate Cancer gets you.” BUT .. they think it MAY have spread to my lung .. THAT needs to be addressed and that is what all of the tests are about .. currently there is just guess work. Next week I go in for some advanced scans (one will take up the better portion of a day what with being knocked out and having to wake up involved in the time frame.)

    BUT, I have lost confidence with my primary doctor .. he seems too far out of the loop and he really does not keep me well informed. Sooooo, am shopping for a new primary .. The clinic I want is NOT taking new patients right now, so will ride it out and just call every week until there is an opening! (and VA has moved me to a 6 months schedule vs a yearly visit .. still do NOT want them as primary since I DO have a PAID health plan.)


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