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  • 06:24:01 pm on July 12, 2017 | # | 0

    Ed, brother has a care giver 4 days a week now. She helps with his meals, cleans up, helps in bathing and general around the place and drives him to appointments and out shopping. Paid for by the VA. (VA also INCREASED his disability level, so now he gets a bigger check each month.
    His care giver is the one that actually got the ball rolling as she was house keeper for BOTH of us for a while. (too busy to help here, but I am able to keep up with things as she helped me organize and my energy level increased after the pacemaker and now the stamina is slowly coming back.)
    Will see how things go in the next few weeks .. I will be using RSO (Cannabis oil) (Urologist signed off on that) and that WILL slow me down for a while .. that is a known fact. Since I got it for FREE .. why not give it a try?


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