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  • 10:20:14 pm on August 2, 2017 | # | 0

    Today was the second hottest day ever recorded here. 107, not used to this kind of heat. BUT the humidity is only 22%. I was bouncing around between air conditioned house to air conditioned suv to air conditioned store … but the space between was like a furnace! To top it off, we have a lot of smoke from wild fires that have been burning in British Columbia for weeks. Air quality warnings over ALL of Eastern Washington!

    Follow up:  106 the top today .. started the day with what LOOKED like a marine layer, but it was smoke!  It eventually thinned out, but I am getting tired of coughing.  Outlook is for temps to drop, but only a couple of degrees.  High 90′s for at least 5 more days!

    Follow up #2:  Cool off (right!)  97 today.  Had to get out of my bubble .. OUCH!!  Smoke immediately began it’s attack!  Coughing and burning eyes .. got the chore(s) done and crawled back into my bubble.  Now have a major fire east of here in a major recreational area and a MAJOR mountain pass.

    Follow up #3 Closer to normal .. 92 .. and the smoke was intermittent, but still annoying as He!!

    (and the beat kept on!!)

    9 days over 90 now (Aug 8)  which is a new record for consecutive over 90 degree days .. and  looks like it will continue maybe even till Sunday!!  Bigly picnic in the riverfront park mid day tomorrow .. hope the smoke is not too strong .. it is still there and I feel it, but not as bad as a week ago.


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