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  • 10:10:17 am on August 9, 2017 | # | 0

    I recently converted my home computers to WiFi wireless on my network in order to speed things up and to get rid of a bunch of wire clutter. This was done rather easily once I tossed the “install” portion of the install disk and just followed the screens.

    Well, hit a snag yesterday when I did the usual twice a month dumping the garbage that Windows leaves behind every day. Updated all protection, run AV, malware scans, removed dead files & orphan files, clean out the registry and defrag & optimize … all of the BS you have to go through on Windows in order to be able to use it. MIND YOU, the Windows machines (1 Desktop &1 Laptop) seldom go on line and when they do I do not SURF .. I go to specific sites.
    (NEVER HAVE TO DO THAT ON MY MAIN LINUX OPERATED MACHINE as it does all of that itself!)
    Procedure(s) took the usual 2-3 hours.
    BUT, when I did the final re-boot, I found that the Wi-Fi DOES NOT RE-INSTALL automatically! SURPRISE!!
    Not that much of a chore to re-connect, but it really should not be that way!!

    That means that every time I shut a Windows machine down, I will have to go through the set up again. PITA … since I have a really convoluted PASSWORD.


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