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  • 01:24:49 pm on August 12, 2017 | # | 0

    Well, looks like the heat wave is OVER .. it began July 31 with a record breaking high for here .. the next day was just a small amount less (1 degree!) and then the 90 degree days began. Yesterday was the first day this month that did NOT go over 90 .. just 89 ……… TODAY we have a MARINE LAYER that is being persistant.

    I was on the road yesterday for most of the day. Had to visit a VA oncologist in Portland .. and the usual Friday in Portland traffic .. took about 3-1/2 hours to finally get home .. a distance of 55 miles .. one 5 mile stretch on the freeway took almost 3 hours to cover!
    I learned to drive in LA …. I lived in San Francisco …. Portland has the worst traffic snarls I have ever seen (have driven through Chicago at rush hour … that is a speedway compared to Portland.

    Oncologist wants to try something different instead of chemical, meds and such. VA is going to set up the NEW genetic matching system. Worth a shot, since the cancer, even though it has metastasized into my lung, is super slow growing and non life threatening at present. She says it is worth a shot since most cancer treatments can not be used on someone that has a semi-mechanical heart (heart issues).


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