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  • 02:25:36 am on August 18, 2017 | # | 0

    It is getting insane here and the eclipse is MONDAY. Predicted 1,000,000 people hit the state and a bunch are here already. Gas stations running out of fuel .. the highway into the mountains (Santiam Pass) gets sluggish and now and then even NOW. Tourists being gouged for motel/hotel rooms. Lines at MANY drive thru joints. National Guard is already in back up mode and organized. We WILL survive the onslaught .. just hope the “visitors” don’t trash the place up too badly. Been in the “drive the hidden streets in order to get anywhere” mode since Monday .. North/South is cool .. East/West is a toss up.
    Me? Come Monday I will walk into the back yard, turn my back on the sun so I can see what the RESULTS are and watch the actual eclipse on my LAPTOP (using my home net!!) NO EYE DAMAGE THAT WAY!!


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