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  • 09:22:28 am on August 26, 2017 | # | 0

    Health update .. Lupron is working! Dr. gave me an injection about 2 months back as the “first step”. He also prescribed an couple of meds (two chemo meds that work hand in hand.) VA wanted another look as they have not approved those drugs .. so went to Portland and they set me up to have a GENETIC test .. because they are “targeting” now with some success leading to better numbers. In the interim life goes on.

    So, have a visit with Urologist yesterday .. after most recent labs … MY NUMBERS ARE GOING DOWN .. BIG TIME … with JUST the Lupron and my own immune system … that is the good news. For the bad news, I have absolutely NO stamina. And THAT is not going to change as that is a side effect of the Lupron.


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